Sustainable Design

Basic line and main element of the office 4-19architects are sustainable approach of each project that takes in every stage of design and construction, focus on energy planning.
The office has an extensive experience in private projects, research the regeneration of public open-air spaces and private projects by using the principles of sustainable design.

Under the program Ε.Π.ΠΕΡ.Α.Α. ’’ Environment and sustainable development 2007-2013” the office has undertake the architectural research “Action”

  •  Sustainable upgrades of public open-air space(2 projects)
  •  Green Rural and Insular Societies- New model of development(1project)
  •  Intelligent energy Museums nearly zero-energy (1 project)

For the sustainable integration open-air space into urban landscape of cities and communities of Greek land, in cooperation with Academia and Technical Services of Municipalities, three of them completed the procedures of assessment and approved for funding successfully. The implementation of those “Action” will co-fund by resources from Cohesion Fund and Greek government.

The sustainable approach focus on designing building and planning landscape (inside and outside spaces) base on the climate of each site by having as objectives to ensure thermal and visual comfort and taking the advantages of solar energy and other energy sources in the environment.

On all stages like design and construction, basic tools in the implementation of small and large scale projects is using latest technology with high standards of saving energy by protecting the environment, such as cool materials on exterior floor layers, external building surfaces etc.