The architectural office 4-19architects founded in 1989 by Sofia Dimoudi and Anna Maria Tamiolaki. Both graduated from the School of Architecture of  the AUTH.The office is founded in Athens and it is provided high quality work on different scale projects to all over the country.

The 4-19architects incorporate research and construction with a holistic view on each project. The office is responsible for all the different stages of a project, starting with the research design and project management up to surveyor of the construction.

The goal of 4-19architects office is a continuing cooperation which implements a completed work with high standards that fulfill our expectations in combination with our client.

The office’s activities extend to projects of any type and scale from interior design residential and commercial properties or special use projects to master planning.

The office 4-19 architects believe in creative design incorporates sustainable and environmental perspective of the architectural design of the buildings. The know-how of the materials and the construction in combination with the experience and the accurate budget research with the precise time schedule of the project create a successful result.

The main strategy of 4-19 architects is focus on having cooperated with experience engineers and technicians from different specialization in whole duration of the project and by updating the knowledge from contemporary architectural and technology developments.